A very Harmful Substance From Almost All the Food found at the grocery shelves And Water Sources

Glyphosate is a terribly damaging carcinogenic substance that is discovered to have direct effects to our health and should be acted upon as soon as possible. This compound has been roaming around our communities and industries for more than half a century, since 1961. And its usage has grown exponentially popular since it’s discovery. Now just as how effective it has proven itself as a herbicide and pesticide –numerous communities has also effectively proven and shown just how harmful this substance has always been, and over all those years so many people had paid the price. Here we will talk about just how potentially harmful glyphosate could be, why it is deadly, and in some ways how we can counter this world wide problem.
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How Glyphosate works and how it is used

First, we need to understand the science behind how Glyphosate really works –in order to fully comprehend the reasons why it is issued as unsafe (putting it lightly), or rather dangerous. Glyphosate is able to affect the soil (also considered as a living organism), the plants and crops, the animals, and us humans –in a very bad way.

In the case of plants, it binds with its minerals and nutrients in order to disrupt the physiological and enzymatic processes they need to live, thus killing them. This is what makes them super effective herbicides. But unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there –they affect our soil as well. All of the soils beneficial microbes and nutrients had been gradually decreasing ever since glyphosate started saturating itself into the soil and to the crops we eat everyday. Scientifically this has a direct effect to all the animals and humans alike that eat plants and meat that are grown from our “glyphosate-enriched” soil and farms. And this is where it gets nasty…

For more information about its science:

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Terrible effects of Glyphosate

Our bodies use 22 different kinds of amino acids to make protein, and one of these is called Glycine. Now, what happens is if there is Glyphosate inside your body, it replaces Glycine and it damages the cells of our bodies, particularly the muscles and the organs. And it causes plenty of malfunctions to the body parts they affect –causing multiple organ failures, tumors, and cancer.

In the year 2012, Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini, published a very famous toxicity study from France. He did this by studying rats, which are given food containing NK603 Roundup tolerant GM maize, and those being given water contaminated with Roundup. These were all done at levels permitted in drinking water and GM crops in the U.S. and the effects were terrible –even at very low dosages. The rats, which are given a “glyphosate diet”, soon suffered massively large tumors and severe liver and kidney damage.

Original footage: https://youtu.be/Njd0RugGjAg

Just imagine if these same carcinogenic chemicals are found on the very foods you eat and water you drink. Bad news: they are! And there have been multiple cases already where it has proven that cancer patients’ diseases are caused directly by exposure to glyphosate-based products. Plus, there have been quite a number of studies tracing glyphosate as a possible cause of Autism to some children.

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Glyphosate could be found on your favorite breakfast cereal and oatmeal and your everyday drinking water.

And it’s not just that. Glyphosate-based pesticides are around the global market, and are very frequently used. They are everywhere! Consider this: it’s world’s ‘number one’ pesticide, and while doubling the usage rate of the ‘number two’ pesticide (Atrazine), guess what? Glyphosate remains number one! Yes, it’s accurate to assume that this may be an epidemic already –yet many people are still naïve of the harm they have always been exposed to.
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How the Community tried to handle Glyphosate in the past

Way back in 1985, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made a statement against glyphosate and classified the substance as a Class C Carcinogen. But despite of this effort, the gigantic glyphosate-enriched company, Monsanto, due to their inside-influence, were able to persuade EPA to re-classify glyphosate as a Class E instead. And they succeeded on doing so only after 6 short years –declaring glyphosate as non-carcinogenic. None of the leading research establishments of that time were able to do anything about it –despite of their findings of the substance’s carcinogenic properties.

It gets even stranger in 2010. Despite of the knowledge of the truth behind the dangers that it has shown, Monsanto was still able to patent Glyphosate in the U.S. as an antibiotic. This patent has made enormous controversies about the impending dangers for human health upon use. One which is glyphosate being the cause of the destruction of od bacteria in the gut, causing a significant weakening of the person’s immune system.

Since then there had been more research that underwent looking to prove the harmfulness of Glyphosate. Including the 2012 French research that was discussed earlier and similar studies that were conducted in 2015 (IARC) and 2017 (Professor Seralini), which came up with the same harmful results. But it was only until recently this year, 2018, when Monsanto has finally got what the whole company always deserved. Justice was finally served when the 5000 and more lawsuits over the U.S. finally won. Monsanto was ordered by the court to pay $289 Million for the Round Up Cancer Lawsuit.

For more about Roundup Cancer Lawsuit:

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What are we supposed to do? How are we supposed to respond to this

The answer is pretty basic: Eat certified glyphosate-free organic food, from crops to meat. And it’s always better to get purified or distilled water just to make sure the water is free from substances like glyphosate. This way, your diet would be a lot healthier. Yes, it would definitely cost you more to buy everything organic –but surely it’s all going to be worth it. The food and water you take is the bet investment you could ever give for yourself.


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