Autism is simply a state of being focused on one’s self.

Having said that -this means they are simply “special” in a way that they need more love and “special” attention from the people around them.

Autism or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is one of the most sophisticated, scariest, and most sensitive topics ever discussed as a brain disorder. All throughout the years of medical history, Autism has become one of the most incredibly challenging medical condition there is to treat. After so many years, somehow it crept its way into the fear of every parent and child. It has become every mother’s worst fear for her baby, especially in history –wherein parents don’t just fear for their child but also for themselves. But with all of those aside, here we are about to learn that ASD, just like any other illness, is actually RECOVERABLE!

1 History and Facts - Things You May Not Know About Autism

Word Origin and Historical Facts

The term “autism” came from two words: the Ancient Greek word αὐτός (autós), which means “self” and the Latin word -ismus, which means, “state of being.” Understanding this means that “autism” actually means being in a state of being absorbed by one’s self –thus becoming isolated and socially absent. The term “autism” is coined by Paul Eugen Bleuler in 1912. From that point on until 1943, the term was used in many different ways.
2 Crucial Cold History - Things You May Not Know About Autism

Crucial Cold History

Believe it or not, there was an even darker time in history for mothers of children with ASD.

During the 1940s – 1960s, the parents of children who have ASD received all the blame for this medical condition –believing they were being too cold. They were described by Dr. Kanner as “just happening to defrost enough to produce a child.” If you are a mother or a parent who faces challenges for having a child suffering from ASD… I’m here to tell you that people in the past had obviously been through worse –but they all made it! Modern medicine more so in Integrative and Holistic Medicine has advanced significantly since then, so there’s even more hope for you NOW!

3 - The Science Behind Autism - Things You May Not Know About Autism

The Science behind Autism

Autism can be simply defined as “neurologic disorder manifested by developmental delays and disturbances in behavior.

For the most part, ASD  doesn’t have anything much to do with the physical body’s growth unless it is associated with other medical condtions –because the most noticeable underdevelopment the child would display is his/her lack of social and communication skills, and repetitive behavior, speech delay/deficit. The body grows up normally, but everything inside the mind doesn’t –developing autism as a sensori-motor and social relational dysfunction.

4 - Overcoming the Challenges - Things You May Not Know About Autism

Overcoming the Challenges

The reason ASD is immensely feared mainly because of how it affects the lives of the people around the person “struck” with this very challenging medical condition. It significantly hurts your budget, your time, and your career, directly affecting the lives of every family member.

It’s a real challenge to simply talk to children with ASD –at times they react and respond differently and sometimes they don’t seem to even understand anything you say, not to mention the tantrums and repetitive mannerisms they periodically manifest. But there’s even more to it. Every mother gets heartbroken helplessly seeing her child lacking the social skills, speech/ language deficits, and sensory hypersensitivities and getting bullied, being unable to cope up due to these challenges.

Society, in general, has less education and exposure to people who have ASD. It’s no debate; many neuro-typical people doesn’t have the clue on what’s going on in the minds of these special children.


It has been concluded by researchers that there are different types and levels of autism. It’s not all about the genetics. Environment influence is also one big factor. But “many types” also mean many ways to treat the certain illness.

This means you, as a parent, can start early into having treatment for your child with ASD –to lessen its negative effects and potentially live a normal or maybe an almost-normal-like kind of life. Sure, any uninformed person would think ASD is a curse or a heavy burden. But, that’s not entirely true! Friends, there is a reason why caretakers, behavior experts, and special schools exist in our society. Just as there is always hope for everyone, there is also hope for children and their families affected by ASD. It would be a challenge, yes, but living a happy and fulfilling life won’t be impossible if both parties (family and medical) work hard together in taking care of theirs. Here in Fresno/Clovis Integrative Brain Restoration Clinic, we are willing to be that other party.

We can be your partner in your lifelong journey on taking care of your child –giving him/her and you a shot at living a happy life. We promise you that there is hope for you and your child. And we promise that we are ready to serve you only with our best efforts and most sincere heart work!

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