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Welcome to A+ Integrative Brain Restoration’s Long-Distance Program

Through phone calls, video call, video review, and other lessons, we can help you put in place a multi- dimensional treatment plan tailored for your child. Here’s a step-by-step expectation of the process and what to expect along the way!

Step 1- Video Review

You will send us three short videos (1-2 minutes each) showing your child:

1. In learning activity (led by an adult)

2. Eating a meal

3. Playing alone (or with another child)

Step 2 – Initial Evaluation

This consultation will take place in two parts:

A Medical Assessment with our A+ Integrative Brain Restoration RN , specially trained in pediatric neuro-science and a social-behavioral assessment.

The total consultation will take about 60minutes.

Step 3 – Care Plan Meeting

About a week later, you’ll talk with Dennis Redubla, MD, PhD©, BCIP, NP- and the RN, and a dedicated Family Consultant to discuss their recommendations for testing and treatment. Family Consultant will go over the mechanics of putting those recommendations into actions.

The care plan meeting will take about 60 minutes.

Step 4 – Starting the Treatment

At this point, the first step of the medical treatment plan is underway. You’ll meet at regular intervals with Dennis Redubla to review test result. and your child’s progress with the medical therapies.

You’ll also be meeting regularly with your Family consultant who provides parent training support services. The well-being of your family, together with certain principle and practices in the home essential to getting the most from any treatment your child receives.

Step 5 – VIP Program – Email Access

You can sign up for our VIP email program! You can communicate with us through here. You can scan documents, send pictures, ask detailed questions specifically for Dr. Dennis and send detailed updates.

Dennis Redubla loves hearing from his patients so please do send updates! You will be billed at the beginning of every month and will deposit the subscription fee thru a dedicated bank account. The initial minimum required subscription is 3 months and has to be paid in advance.

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