Joshua Beckford: One of the most intelligent children in the world

Joshua Beckford: One of the most intelligent children in the world
Diagnosed with high functioning autism, Joshua Beckford has never been the typical child.

Named as one of the smartest kids on the planet, he dreams of being a neurosurgeon and is well on his way by practicing gall bladder removals and appendectomy procedures. Here are his milestones, proving he is no ordinary child:

10 months old – he could already read, point to different colors on a chart, write and understand the alphabet.

*Joshua’s Dad (Knox Daniel), discovered his son’s unique learning capability while he was sitting on his lap in front of the computer. “I started telling him what the letters on the keyboard were and I realized that he was remembering and could understand.”

2 years old – he quickly mastered reading fluently using phonics

3 years old – he learned to speak in Japanese and was able to correctly name most cars on the road and what country they were made in.

*At this age, he already had a fascination with the human body and even finished reading advanced books on Human Anatomy including Genes and DNA.  At age 3, he has mastered naming all the internal organs of the body and can explain how the 12 systems all work together to keep us alive including the parts of the brain and which parts of the body they control.

4 years old – he already decided that when he grows up, he wants to be a Neuro-surgeon.

*His kind of play is performing simulations of Surgical Operations on his Dad’s laptop using a Microsoft Surgery Simulator. He can correctly use all the instruments and successfully complete operations such as the removal of a Hernia, appendectomy, removal of a cataract, varicose, and tonsillectomy, repair a lower leg fracture and perform a Cholecystectomy (surgical removal of the gall bladder).

He uses Microsoft Flight Simulator to fly Simulations of the Space Shuttle and different types of aircraft.

He has advanced IT skills and learned to touch type before he could write with a pen.

6 years old – he became the youngest person to be accepted to the prestigious University of Oxford in England

*When most kids are still learning how to read and write, he was already intellectually ready to attend one of the best universities in the world. It was in 2011, when his Father wanted to challenge his son.

Knox Daniel, wrote to a university if Joshua could participate in a philosophy course for bright children between the age of eight and thirteen. Though the courses were designed for gifted kids between the ages of eight and 13, the six-year-old Beckford managed to pass.

He completed a master class in Philosophy and Historical Enquiry a research project on the Great Plague of 1665 where he obtained distinctions for both subjects.



At such a young age, he already has a goal to save the earth and to change the world and change people’s ideas to doing the right things about earth. Apart from being a neuro-surgeon, he has plans to be an astronaut and is currently writing a children’s book about Egypt. More than just being a smart child, this kid is on a mission. Here are some MORE of his achievements and campaigns:

Joshua serves as the face of the National Autistic Society’s Black and Minority (BME) campaign. 
– He enjoys fund-raising for three Autism Charities, one in the U.K and two in Africa, and campaigns to save the environment.
– He has given live radio interviews on Omega FM radio and Galaxy Radio on the Internet.
– He also has a certificate for IXL an on-line maths programme for completing 29,000 maths problems.
– He was nominated and won the National Black Youth Achievement Award (BYA) for Education in 2012.
– Joshua has an award from Birmingham University when he won a national letter writing competition.
– Beckford also designs and delivers power-point presentations on Human Anatomy at Community fund-raising events to audiences ranging from 200 to 3,000 people.
– In 2017 Joshua won the Positive Role model award for his age at the National Diversity Awards, which celebrates the excellent achievements of grass- root communities that tackle the issues in today’s society, giving them recognition for their dedication and hard work across the UK.- He is now the BYA Ambassador for Education.- He has appeared in a TV advert on ABN SKY Channel to raise awareness about Autism. – To date he has been presented with a total of 14 National Award.


This young genius is a proof that you should never let obstacles prevent you from getting things done. Diagnosed with high functioning autism himself, he used his voice to helps spread his campaign’s mission of highlighting challenges blacks face when trying to obtain access to necessary autism support and services.

“I am pleased to be given the opportunity to work in partnership with BMAN LIFE to help inspire and provide educational opportunities for children in Africa to prepare for a bright future for the continent in the 21st Century,” says Joshua.Joshua Beckford along with his father Knox Daniel will visit Nigeria in August 2019 to anchor a mentoring session for the BMAN Father and Son Together (FAST) Initiative under the theme “Beyond Limits”.

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