A Game Changer in Autism

We’ve got a new story to tell you! Have you heard about the boy named Luke? No, not the jedi master… I’m talking about the little 10-year-old songwriter boy with autism, called Luke. And, he’s one of our most life-changing and hope-giving testimonies in our society.

Cathy gave birth pre-maturely to Luke, delivered by C-section –yet the baby was normal and healthy. He only had to spend a night in intensive care nursery and life was pretty normal for them –for the first 5 weeks that is. During that time Cathy noticed that Luke had eye discharge. At first she gave it some time to let it heal by itself –but it only got worse. She brought his baby boy to more than 30 different doctors and still they couldn’t diagnose what’s really wrong with Luke. The sad part about this is that it didn’t stop with the rheum in his eyes.

It became worse for him. He later developed rashes on his body, starting at the back. Then, it became a really hard chore to feed Luke because he continuously vomited and he was unable to eat normally. Poor little Luke suffered a whole year with these and surely Cathy, being the caring and loving mother that she is, shared his pain. Luke underwent many surgeries and multiple biopsies –which means he needed to be injected with a collectively large amount of anesthesia. The baby became sickly and suffered functional delays. And as time went by, Luke gradually lost the ability to speak –until completely losing it on his second birthday. He was also stuck at eating only up to stage-2 baby food: which is normally only taken by babies 6-8 months old. Imagine that?

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As a baby with functional delays, Cathy began to consider that maybe Luke has autism but was quite unsure. Even though Luke’s teachers on the “Early On” program he’s in convinced her otherwise, for Cathy the symptoms of autism she notices is just too convincing. One day, she decided to bring his son to a specialist.

She told the specialist that her poor baby is always screaming in so much pain having diagnosed with inflammation and fissures in his whole GI tract. He kept on banging his head on the floor or on the walls or on other solid objects –whichever he would find. He is very much underweight and he also has so many food allergies. It’s just so hard to feed him that even some doctors told me to start feeding him using tubes.

When all hope seemed lost for Luke & Cathy, this was the time they learned about this treatment that turned their lives around Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT. This is the game changer. This is the medical procedure that changed both of their lives for the better. Cathy started over and made a huge change to Luke’s diet. Luke ate nothing but gluten & dairy free organic food since then. She also stopped giving him foods with refined sugar.

Yes, that means no candy for the baby. She did this continuously and Luke’s condition started to get better and better each day. After two whole months of consistency, Luke stopped vomiting altogether and his rashes were completely healed! Then just after his first round of HBOT, he suddenly started to talk again! He started to name the colors of the objects he sees. Just imagine the joy Cathy felt when he started calling her “mama” again.

Then after going for the second round of HBOT, Luke started to speak a lot more normally. He is able to ask questions and use more complex phrases. His communication has improved immensely! Then Cathy committed his son up to a third round of HBOT to make sure that his condition continues to progress.

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Years later, Luke had become very aggressive and hotheaded. He started to fight a lot with his classmates at school. To correct the misbehavior, Cathy put his son to his fourth round of HBOT. It helped his son a lot. Now at 10 years of age, Cathy is so happy with what his son has become. She said that her son is the sweetest and most lovely boy in the neighborhood.

She said he is also very intelligent and has started showing his passion into creating his own music. Talk about that! And of course, Cathy couldn’t be happier if it weren’t for HBOT and his son who showed a lot of strength as a baby enduring all the pain fighting to later get better and be able to live a fulfilling life.

If you are a mother or a father to a child diagnosed with autism. I hope this story has given you some hope! We are here to help you and we are more than ready to join you in your life long journey of taking care of your child. Please do not hesitate to consult us at Fresno/Clovis Integrative Brain Restoration Clinic! We promise you that there is hope for you and your child. And we promise that we are ready to serve you only with our best efforts and most sincere heart work!


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