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Autism’s exact etiology is still unknown, leading researchers to consider some possible factors, one of which is DIET. As a result, many specialized diets such as gluten-free diet grew in popularity among parents of children with autism. One example is Cathy   reporting improvements in autism symptoms with this dietary regimen.

With research dating back to 1920’s, restricting certain types of food as a way of changing behavior is not new. One of the predominant conceptualizations supporting the role of food and diet in autism symptomology is the “opioid-excess-theory”. Panksepp (1979) proposed that symptoms of autism may be due to excessive opioid activity. It is thought that these peptides may be biologically active and that a small amount crosses into the brain and interferes with neurotransmission causing altered or disrupted activity and sensory input.

Clinical trials for nutritional intervention are increasing and showing promise in being very beneficial for addressing core symptoms of autism.

What is a gluten-free diet?

It is an eating plan in which grain protein (gluten) is eliminated from the diet. Gluten is a mix of various proteins found in the seeds of several grains such as barley, rye, oats, and wheat. Gluten provides a structure or binding to baked products.

 It can be hard at first to maintain a gluten-free diet because it is present in many foods.  Those who choose this diet for their child must read carefully labels and become aware of the ingredients of the food they buy. Though a huge number of foods contain gluten, you could still find Gluten-free products such as – Gluten free flour, pancake mix, waffles, cookies, snacks – sold particularly in natural stores. This diet can be expensive to follow that’s why most parents make their own Gluten free food. Recipes can be found on the internet, or in Gluten-free cookbooks.  Parents can take a gluten-free cooking class to learn how to cook without gluten and still provide enough nutrition for the child. Often people following a Gluten free diet will remove all dairy (Casein) products from their diet as well.


As a parent, I know there is a sense urgency to find things that will help our children realize their fullest potential and live an independent life. However, diet changes should always be decided upon and closely monitored by a physician. There is a need for parents choosing to use this treatment. to weigh all costs associated with the diet. This kind of dietary restrictions should only be introduced after gastrointestinal symptoms have appeared or intolerance or allergy to these foods has been diagnosed. 

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