Autism, no matter how controversial it has always been,
still has its lighter side of things.

You probably have read our previous blogs about the myths, the symptoms, and the history of autism. But now that we have been learning about ASD for quite a while now, we are going to give some quite fascinating facts that aren’t that commonly known.
1 History and Facts - Things You May Not Know About Autism

The diagnosis of autism can be done to a baby for as early as 18 months of age. But still, the average of diagnosis is done at 4 years of age.

This may also be referred to the fact that there could be some chance that some symptoms could be grown out of. But, the fact still remains that diagnosis during adulthood isn’t as uncommon as you have thought.
2 Crucial Cold History - Things You May Not Know About Autism

Boys could get diagnosed with autism 5x more likely than girls.

Approximately 70 million people worldwide have autism, and it now affects 1 in 59 children and 1 in 37 boys. If you do the math, boys are 5 times more likely to have ASD than girls.
3 - The Science Behind Autism - Things You May Not Know About Autism

For a child with autism, having a dog can improve his/her life.

To some children with autism –having a dog best friend by their side can provide them a “link” to the society around him.

Research has shown that dogs can improve a child’s life by enhancing his/her safety, independence, behavior, and social skills. Much more so to children with autism.

4 - Overcoming the Challenges - Things You May Not Know About Autism

It was in the year 1991 that the federal government classified autism as a special education class.

Yes, it took nearly half a century since it’s discovery (1943) for the government to finally do this. Special education for children with autism may be a bit young, but there has been many great results that these classes has achieved for the benefit of the children and their families alike.
4 - Overcoming the Challenges - Things You May Not Know About Autism

About a third of all individuals with autism also suffer from epilepsy –which usually comes on their adulthood.

This is a fact that is quite alarming and must be taken into consideration. If your child has autism, it’s best to make sure to take the necessary precautions early.
4 - Overcoming the Challenges - Things You May Not Know About Autism

Individuals with autism are 40 times more in danger of dying thru injury –with drowning as the number 1 cause.

It’s a very disturbing fact, but the statistics always mean something. And upon knowing this, it’s best to minimize your children from getting into any swimming activity. And it is always best to make sure they never be left alone because of their high risk towards fatal injury.
4 - Overcoming the Challenges - Things You May Not Know About Autism

People with autism CAN live very happy lives!

With the amount of care, time, love that families and friends give, the life of the person who is autistic can be very special. These days it’s not uncommon to be able to seek help and ask for assistance from organization dedicated into making their lives better. Plus, in a peculiar way, autism can actually help any individual to be able to laser focus on a certain skill related to the activity they love doing the most. This gives them purpose and meaning, and if the family around him/her would support him/her they will succeed and make it in life –as some people with ASD already did!


4 - Overcoming the Challenges - Things You May Not Know About Autism
Perhaps now that you have better understanding and a refreshed view about Autism, now that we’ve put away its misconceptions. If you are a mother or a father or a guardian to a child diagnosed with autism. I hope we have given you some hope! We are here to help you and we are more than ready to join your life long journey. Please do not hesitate to consult us at Fresno/Clovis A+ Integrative Brain Restoration Clinic! We promise you that there is hope for you and your child. And we promise that we are ready to serve you only with our best efforts and most sincere heart work!

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