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Helping to recover faster, one child at a time.

Years of experience

We are backed by years of experience and positive patient feedback in providing effective treatments.

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Helping people with Autism, ADD, ADHD, and other brain disorders is our passion, as well as our expertise.

Fully endorsed

Recommended and endorsed by respected medical directors, internists, and geriatricians.

Dennis Redubla

  • More than 2 decades of combined experience in healthcare both in the Philippines and the United States
  • Medical Academy of Pediatrics with Special Needs (MAPS) Fellow Candidate
  • An actively practicing physician in the Philippines
  • A Ph.D./Doctorate candidate of Integrative Medicine
  • Board Certified in Integrative Pediatrics (BCIP) thru American Academy of Integrative Medicine (AAIM)
  • Board Certified, Family Nurse Practitioner thru AANP (American Association of Nurse Practitioners)
  • Independent Neurofeedback (LENS) Practitioner
  • Adjunct Faculty, Fresno Pacific University
  • Professor, National University
  • Certified Public Health Nurse (PHN)
  • Founder, A+ Integrative Brain Restoration Program in Fresno

He is the Lead Practitioner of the FIRST and the ONLY Integrative Brain Restoration and Autism Program in Fresno, California.

It is his passion to provide only the best quality service to all clients that come under his care


Years of Experience


Patients Served Daily


Cutting edge treatments and therapies that lead to recovery

Neurofeedback Therapy

A treatment helpful in a number of psychiatric and neurological disorders

Integrative A+

Autism, ADD, ADHD, etc.
Integrative Brain Restoration Clinic

Bio-Medical Approaches

Functional/ Holistic/ Integrative Bio-Medical Approches

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Nutritional Counseling, Light Therapy, Aroma Therapy



Tailored for your Child

We will come up with a multi-dimensional treatment plan set-up specifically for your child!

Online Assessments and Treatments

Communicate with highly trained and experienced individuals to help and guide you to your child’s recovery.

Regular Updates

Meet regularly with Dr. Dennis and a certified family consultant to monitor and check test results.

VIP Program - Email Access

Be part of the VIP email program where you can send messages, images, documents or detailed questions for Dr. Dennis.


Always Caring. Always Here.



Years of experience with excellent feedbacks coming from patients and their loved ones.

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Fully Endorsed

Fully endorsed by highly respected certified medical directors, internists and geriatricians



It is our passion to help kids and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD, ADHD etc.

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First of It's Kind

We are the FIRST and the ONLY Integrative Pediatric Medical Care of it’s kind in Central Valley!


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and its Benefits

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and its Benefits

Shown not only to improve cognitive and sensory awareness for autism spectrum patientsHyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized room (100% saturated supplemental oxygen delivered at higher atmospheric pressures). Patients are...

On the path to becoming the youngest Neurosurgeon

On the path to becoming the youngest Neurosurgeon

Joshua Beckford: One of the most intelligent children in the worldJoshua Beckford: One of the most intelligent children in the world Diagnosed with high functioning autism, Joshua Beckford has never been the typical child. Named as one of the smartest kids on the...

Gluten-Free Diet for Children with ASD

Gluten-Free Diet for Children with ASD

Is it worth considering? Autism’s exact etiology is still unknown, leading researchers to consider some possible factors, one of which is DIET. As a result, many specialized diets such as gluten-free diet grew in popularity among parents of children with autism. One...


It is our passion to help.

“Since we’ve started coming here, we’ve been seeing a change.”

Julie Terry

“Where everybody gives up hope, he was willing to listen to me, and give it a try.

Diana Monica Olivarria

“I’ve tried numerous doctors and medicines, and I found that Dr. Redubla has found something special.”



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